Sunday, April 17, 2022

Log Jam Freedom Convoy Victory

Wes reports that the South Tyger River passage from the Beech Springs entry down to Berry's Pond is now clear. He and I cleared a few log jams a couple of weeks ago and it appears someone else has helped as well. He made the passage yesterday and says that it is all clear. We had partially cleared a few spots that we were hoping the next high water would help break up even more. 

The long range forecast for next weekend is 80 plus Saturday and Sunday... seems like a good time for a Log Jam Freedom Convoy Victory passage 😊 

Here is a link to the River Height Gage thats on the bridge at Danzler Rd in Duncan When this gage is showing 5.5 ft or so or less...  that is relatively low.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Log Jam Freedom Convoy Episode 1

Getting by with a little help from your friends... we finally got on the river just to see what we were up against. This was shot just upstream of I 85.... this is well below where we put in and mostly worked upstream from Echo Ridge Dr in Duncan.... the majority of the log jams are from there up to the Beech Springs entry on Danzler Rd in Duncan. No real video of actual jam busting... we'll try to do better next time.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Blue Heron Rookery

I had no idea these birds nested in trees. I spent a lot of time on Lake Greenwood when I was young. Saw a lot of these birds flying but I don't recall ever seeing one in the landing mode directly overhead. They have a huge wingspan.

On the River

Finally had some decent weather and good help... unfortunately we did not take any before and after type pics but we did open up a few places including the one just ahead in this pic. Thanks to Wesley Blain for a great day of Log Jam Freedom Convoy jam busting.